A Maker of
Adorable Handmade, Songs of Life, and Visual Stories

Handmade Project

There is no day for me without creating or finding ideas to create something. I sold handmade bags, pouches, and make my own clothes. Creating and making always excite me. 

Song of Life

My songs are getting the inspiration from my life journey with the Lord, the Bible, testimony of others, and relationship with people around me.

Visual Story

My first contact with video recording was in 2009 when I video recorded my original song with my band in Indonesia. It wasn’t continued until the end of 2016, when I started to do video blog and have recently dedicated my Youtube channel for a visual story to share Jesus and encourage others.


My skirt collection is made using various fabrics. I love to combine batik (Indonesian traditional fabric) with any fabrics.


Making bags is fun! My bag collection is ready to purchase. You can also order personalised one. Contact me anytime!


Check my other collections such as pouches, pluses, and journals.

Feel free to browse around.


My skill level of music recording/ producing is a beginner level. I am still learning how to use technology to record my songs. If you would like to hear my music, it is free!

Visual Story

I love video making, and want to use it to share Jesus and encourage others. If you find my videos useful for your ministry, feel free to use them, and let me know.


I have subscription box/ letter for anyone who love to support our work & ministry.
Go to subscription page to see the details of how to support us.